Our Process

Tourmaline Builders does much more than custom build beautiful homes. Our full-service team is with you every step of the way, from initial vision through design and construction.

Engage Us Early

Rely on our professional experience. In fact, the earlier that you engage us in the process of planning your home, the greater value we can provide. Don’t wait to call us until you have complete architectural plans. When we are involved from the beginning, we can ensure that you end up with the most functional, beautifully designed home possible, and most importantly, that it can be built cost-effectively. We are highly skilled at controlling cost through smart and efficient design, and can help you identify where it’s worth investing more money and where a less costly option will provide the results you desire, not only in the selection of materials and finishes, but more importantly in the architectural design of the home.

Design Your Home

As the premier builder of luxury custom homes in San Diego, our team has a proven track record of creating beautifully designed and highly efficient, sustainable homes. In detailed consultation with you, we will develop your design, function, and cost criteria, while ensuring all specifications are highly buildable.

Develop the Finish Details

You’ll get a comprehensive, detailed catalog of the materials, specifications and finishes that will go into your custom home, and we'll work closely with you to finalize and lock in the actual costs to build the home you specify.

The Construction Phase

End to end, it's a complicated process. But Tourmaline is not just a designer and builder, we're a full-service intermediary on your behalf. We're efficient at things like facilitating building plan approvals and coordinating suppliers and services. Once construction starts, we will handle all aspects of construction, and will serve as the point of contact for all consultants and inspectors. We will keep you regularly updated on the progress of your home with our state-of-the-art project management platform, providing you with peace of mind whether you live down the street or out of town.

Long Term Relationship

Soon, your family will move into your wonderful new home. But our relationship does not end there. We're proud of what we build and stand behind our work. You get a very comprehensive warranty, and it's a Tourmaline home, so if there ever is a problem, you know we will do our utmost to make it right.

Work with us to design and build the custom home of your dreams. Or purchase a home that we are already building, and we will work with you to customize it with finishes, fixtures and amenities.